Losing Weight – Are You Up to the Challenge?

More than 20% of adults living in the United States are obese. Although percentage numbers for children and adolescents are slightly less than those of adults, being overweight has also become a very serious health concern for these young people. Why does this matter? It matters because obesity increases the likelihood of certain diseases and other health problems.

The good news is that most overweight individuals would like to lose weight. Many want to lose weight because of health concerns. Others want to lose enough weight to participate in one of the many athletic games or physical challenges that are so popular today. Some have a goal of being able to walk around the block without being out of breath, bend over to tie shoes, or even sit comfortably with legs crossed. Countless numbers want to lose weight so that they feel better about the way they look. All of these people have created a huge market by their ever increasing demand for weight loss products.

The Science Behind Weight Loss

Science tells us that everything we do every day causes our bodies to use up energy. This is because a certain amount of energy is required to generate movement in any object. For a specific amount of matter, a specific amount of energy will be required to move it.

Your body requires a certain amount of energy to process oxygen, circulate blood, and perform all of its basic functions. Additionally, getting out of bed, walking around the house, sitting down, eating, drinking, sweeping, writing (in other words, all activities) require a certain amount of additional energy. Running takes more energy than sitting and watching television, but the amount is still a set, fixed amount. When your body adds up all of the energy that it uses during the day – well, that is the amount of energy that you need to consume to balance intake and output. Essentially, that is the amount of food you need to eat in order to maintain your present weight. Eat exactly the same number of calories as you burn and there is no change in your weight. Eat fewer calories than you burn, stored fat is going to be depleted by the amount of calories needed to balance the books. Since one pound of fat has 3600 calories, you must use up 3600 calories more than you eat to become one pound lighter on the bathroom scale.best phentermine otc alternatives

A Revolutionary Weight Loss Product

The REAL secret of managing weight has always been twofold — portion control (knowing when to stop eating) and proper nutrition. The secret is a combination of eating the rights foods and knowing when to push your chair back from the table.

O3World, powered by Forever Green, has developed a patent pending, revolutionary healthy weight and hunger management system that enables you to leave the table before you overeat. The flag-ship product of the system is FORM, an ultra-pure, FDA-compliant hydrogel platform technology owned and developed by Wellosophy Corporation for use as a pre-meal gastric bulking agent. This is a technical way of saying that, when combined with water, FORM expands in your stomach and sends a message to your brain that you are less hungry. FORM puts you in control of your portions, helping you make better decisions rather than compulsive ones.

How does FORM work? You take two pills with 12 ounces of water 30 to 60 minutes before a meal. When the powder in the pill combines with the water in your stomach, the liquid (water) in your stomach becomes a solid gel substance that will stay in a solid state for several hours. Your stomach sends a message to your brain that it is not empty. You feel satisfied even though you have eaten less food. You leave the table and go on about your business. FORM then returns to a liquid state (just like jello that is left sitting on a counter all afternoon) and leaves the stomach.

FORM gives you simple weight management without harmful side effects or surgery; and, because there are no drugs used in the formula of FORM, a consumer can be assured that it is an extremely safe product to use. In fact, FORM was originally developed as an alternative to lap-band surgery. Safe and effective (tested in double blind studies), FORM by itself is a very powerful weapon in the battle of the bulge. Combined with FIXX and FIBE, the final two products of the 03World weight management tri-fecta, FORM is quickly becoming known as one of the best and safest weight loss products on the planet.Best Phentermine Over The Counter