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Ohio Humane Agent Training Bill
Sub. HB57

   Representative Ron Gerberry

House Bill 57 requires all Humane Agents to file a copy of their training certificate with the County Recorder, where it will be available for inspection by any member of the public

Status of bill: Introduced 2/12/2013, passed the House State & Local Government Committee on 4/24/2013 and the full House on 6/26/2013 by a vote of 98 ro 0. Referred to Senate Agriculture Committee on 6/27/2013 where it has had no hearings to date.

Ohio Companion Animal Cruelty Bill

Representatives Ron Gerberry & Cheryl Grossman

This bill would increase the penalty for cruelty to companion animals. As introduced in the previous legislative session, the bill made the penalty for UNintentional cruelty higher than the penalty for INtentional cruelty. After many requests for clarification, the error was finally corrected.

Status of bill: Introduced 2/28/2013, substitute bill passed the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee 5/2/2013 and the full House on 5/15/2013 by a vote of 98 to 0. Assigned to Senate Agriculture Committee 5/16/2013 where it is unlikely to have any hearings.

 Chemical Immobilization Bill

  Representative Dorothy Pelanda

HB116 governs the chemical capture of animals (companion animals or dogs at large) and makes changes to the law governing euthanasia of an animal by lethal injection.

Status of Bill: Introduced 4/8/2013, substitute bill passed the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee 6/4/2013 and the full House 6/12/2013 by a vote of 94 to 1. Introduced in the Senate 6/13/2013, not yet assigned to committee.

Ohio Pet Dealer Bill

Representative Cheryl Grossman

HB226 establishes licensing requirements and standards for certain pet dealers

Status of bill: Introduced 6/26/2013, assigned to House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee where it is awaiting hearings. It is unlikely that this bill will go anywhere.

Ohio Psychological Counseling Bill  

Representatives Marilyn Slaby & Michael Stinziano

HB243 requires a child who is adjudicated a delinquent for cruelty to a companion animal to undergo psychological evaluation/counseling, and includes protection of companion animals in temporary protection orders, domestic violence protection orders, anti-stalking and related protection orders.

Status of bill: Introduced 8/15/2013, assigned to House Judiciary Committee where it is awaiting hearings.

Ohio Companion Animal Cruelty Bill  

Representatives Bill Patmon & Barbara Sears

HB274 expands the definition of "companion animal" to include animals sold in pet stores. It also defines and increases the penalty for "knowingly causing serious physical harm" to a companion animal

Status of bill: Introduced 9/30/2013, assigned to House Judiciary Committee where it passed with amendments 12/4/2013 and is currently awaiting vote by the full House. It is unlikely that the bill will be heard in the Senate.

 Ohio Exotic Animal Bill

Senator Troy Balderson

Bans ownership of certain exotic animals after 1/1/2014. Grants exemptions to private corporations including AZA and ZAA; no exemption for licensed & inspected USDA facilities unless they are also AZA or ZAA accredited. Sanctuaries must be approved by GFAS (HSUS front organization) in order to keep their animals but are prohibited from commercial activities typically used to raise funds for care of the animals.

Status of bill: Signed into law by Governor Kasich on 6/5/2012 and went into effect 90 days afterward. The registration period ended on 11/5/2012. Seven plaintiffs filed suit against Ohio Dept of Agriculture, federal judge ruled in favor of ODA. Case was appealed in the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati OH, hearing was on 11/22/2013 before a panel of 3 judges; we are currently awaiting their decision.

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